Sunday, June 5, 2011

APEM System increases Profit Margins and reduces Labor Costs for Medical Device Companies

APEM System increases Profit Margins and reduces Labor Costs
for Medical Device Companies
A new proprietary process developed specifically for the Medical Injection Mold Industry

Sarasota Florida, ( PR Web) June 6, 2011

Drawing upon 30 plus years of Injection Mold experience, and extensive interactive development between our Design, Engineering, and Tooling departments, SPE – Medical Division has introduce the APEM System for the Injection Mold industry, serving Medical Device Companies.

Mike Ontiveros, Vice President of SPE – Medical Division, said that with the continued pressure of increase in both Raw Material Cost as well as Labor Costs, we and our progressive customers are constantly looking for ways to control costs and maintain the best possible profit margins, and the APEM System is a perfect option.

Made up of four fundamental components, the APEM System is designed to increase the quantity of parts produced per injection cycle, reduce labor cost during production, increase tooling and production precision levels, and save on raw material usage. By successfully combining these components into one single system, the APEM System gives the Medical Injection Mold industry a totally new tool to use. The APEM System is a perfect fit in the LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Injection Mold side of the business or the Thermoplastic end of the industry.

Anyone looking for a way to maintain or increase profit margins in the Injection Mold Industry will discover the right solutions through SPE- Medical Division and the new APEM System. In today’s highly competitive environment the difference between loss and profitability is a very narrow margin, and with the new APEM System that margin can expand.

About SPE – Sarasota Precision Engineering

SPE – Sarasota Precision Engineering is a full Injection Mold company, offering CAD Design and Engineering, CNC and EDM Tooling, and Mold Texturing. Operating from two large facilities in Indiana and Florida, our Aerospace, Automotive, and Medical divisions have for 30 plus years offered exceptional precision and production to a large variety of clients. With a custom built fleet of Trucks, we can handle molds over 100,000lbs., and our Medical Division ISO 13485 Certified Clean Room is ideal for LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber) Injection Molding.  

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