Monday, June 6, 2011

New Quality Control Formula achieves consistent high level of precision within the Injection Mold Industry

New Quality Control Formula achieves consistent high level of precision
within the Injection Mold Industry
Aerospace and other High Precision Manufacturers 
can now expect consistent precision form all injection mold production parts, 
reducing cost of defects, and increasing overall profit margins.

Sarasota Florida, (PR Web) June 6, 2011

After several years of experimentation, and drawing upon 30 plus years of experience, the Design, Engineering, Tooling, and Production departments, through their collective efforts developed a new Formula (SPE+4=QC) that not only achieves the highest level of precision, but does it on a consistent basis.

Today’s Aerospace and High Tech industries are experiencing continued pressure from increasing Raw Material and Labor costs, and they are looking for every possible opportunity to control cost, reduce loss from product defects, and increase remaining profit margins. Simply adding new high tech equipment is no longer getting the expected results, and competition keeps raising the expectation bar and eroding profits at the same time.

With the intention of not only increasing the level of precision, but doing so on a consistent basis, our team initiated an indebt process to develop a totally new way to process all our projects. The result is a new Quality Control Formula (SPE+4=QC) which has shifted quality control to the very beginning of all projects, making Quality Control now part of four distinct areas. By developing a totally new set of Quality Control criteria, and integrating Quality Control into our Design, Engineering, Tooling, and Production departments, we have achieved a remarkable new level of consistency and a tremendous reduction in production defects.

This new Formula (SPE+4=QC) is making it possible for us to offer our clients a product that exceeds whatever our competition offers, and in doing so, we not only reduce overall cost, but offer a higher profit margin at more competitive prices.

About SPE – Sarasota Precision Engineering

SPE – Sarasota Precision Engineering is a full Injection Mold company, offering CAD Design and Engineering, CNC and EDM Tooling, and Mold Texturing. Operating from two large facilities in Indiana and Florida, our Aerospace, Automotive, and Medical divisions have for 30 plus years offered exceptional precision and production to a large variety of clients. With a custom built fleet of Trucks, we can handle molds over 100,000lbs., and our Medical Division ISO 13485 Certified Clean Room is ideal for LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber) Injection Molding.

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